Will Akshay Kumar be able to save Ram Setu from flop, fans said such things

Akshay Kumar is one of the biggest actors of Bollywood, he does more than 3 films every year, it takes 2 to 3 months to do a film. And people also like his acting very much, Akshay Kumar, you are very famous not only in India but also in foreign countries for comedy, action and acting. And this year his fourth film is coming in 2022, which is named “Ram Setu”, although before this he released his three films this year which proved to be a big disaster.

And this time Akshay Kumar is making a comeback with a new film. Because of which it has been discussed in a lot and it remains to be seen whether this time it will be able to save its film from flop or not.

What is the story of Akshay Kumar’s film “Ram Setu”

ramsetu akshay kumar teaser

Khiladi Kumar of Bollywood film industry has been making a lot of headlines after launching the teaser of his film. However, before this, three films of Akshay Kumar have been released which have been a disaster at the box office, including the big budget film “Prithviraj Chauhan”.

The Indian Home Minister himself had come to promote it, but despite this, he could not save the film from flop, but after watching the teaser of Ram Setu, there is a different excitement inside the people. And seeing this, it seems that changes have started in Bollywood and Bollywood can start functioning again like before.

Ram Setu More Details

ramsetu realease date

People are very excited to see the teaser of Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film and they are expecting a lot from this film, Akshay Kumar speaks as soon as the teaser starts. We have only 3 days to save Ramsetu, however what do they have to save Ramsetu or from whom Ramsetu is in danger This thing remains suspense in this teacher till now after which it is further shown that some goons are running and shooting at Akshay Kumar and Akshay Kumar is running away.

ramsetu teaser

Apart from this, Akshay Kumar can also be seen going into an ancient cave, although whatever is shown in this trailer is creating a lot of suspense among the people. In which this film of Akshay Kumar is going to be full of action and people are going to like it a lot. Because in this, Akshay Kumar is going to re-enter his old avatar, which people like very much, after seeing this teacher, Akshay’s fans have started giving their reaction.

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After watching the teaser of Akshay Kumar’s film, fans gave such reactions

Nowadays people are boycotting many Bollywood movies and its reason is that Bollywood movies are copied and made. Or they are filled with propaganda, due to which now people prefer to watch South Industry films instead of Bollywood films. And because of this, three films of Akshay Kumar have also flopped, but this time Akshay Kumar is coming in his completely new avatar. And taking entry with a new story and seeing the teaser, it can be guessed that

This movie will be full of suspense and action as it is based on the story of Ram Setu built by the greatest of Hindus “Shri Ramchandra”. In which Akshay Kumar is trying to save Ram Sethu and this film will be released in theaters on October 25. Apart from YouTube, this teaser has also been shared by Akshay Kumar on his official social media account Instagram, on which the fans have given their feedback.

ramsetu akshay kumar

On this post, a social media user wrote praising this film. “Bahut badhiya sir 👏👏” Apart from this, another user wrote ” This will be a massive blockbuster❤️” Apart from this, thousands of users praised his film a lot, let us tell you that so far more than 8 lakh likes on the teaser of Akshay Kumar’s film Ram Setu. And more than 11 thousand comments have come, which can be guessed by seeing that the teaser of this film is being liked by the people and they are eagerly waiting for the release of this film.

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