When Urfi Javed came out wearing a broken heart dress the fans were left watching 2022

Urfi Javed is an actress as well as a top model and has stunned the whole world with her fashion and every day Urfi is always in the headlines, Urfi, who woos everyone with her hotness, has once again surprised everyone. She is wearing a new design dress, in which she is looking very beautiful and hot, after seeing this, everyone becomes crazy about her, although last time Urfi was seen very angry but this time she is seen smiling like before. Coming and this video is going viral very fast in social media.

Urfi Javed makes everyone crazy with her fashion and hotness

Urfi Javed In Broken Heart Dress
Urfi Javed Looking Hot in Broken Heart Dress

Social media’s fashion queen Urfi Javed is no longer interested in any identity, started her career with a TV serial and today is included in India’s top model. Due to her unusual fashion, she always remains in the limelight and this time she has not made any sack or sack dress but has made a beautiful dress in a great way.

And before today, you must not have seen anyone wearing such a dress, as always, this dress of Urfi Javed is being liked by many people. And some people are not coming but she does not pay attention to anyone’s words, she only listens to her heart and does her heart.

Urfi Javed Hot

The biggest feature of Urfi is that it gives a very strong answer to the troller, due to which he is also quite surprised, this new video of Urfi is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Urfi Javed’s new dress is increasing the temperature of social media

Urfi Javed broken heart ड्रेस
Urfi Javed

.Known for his boldness figure, Urfi Javed has once again come into the limelight, in fact this time he has brought his unique style in front of everyone. Everyone is surprised after seeing this, in this video, Urfi Javed is wearing a broken dress like a heart, which is connecting each other with Sikar.

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Urfi Javed broken heart dress
Urfi Javed In

And under this she is wearing a red skirt and with this, Urfi has also done makeup on her face to enhance her beauty. And together, having tied her hair and kept it on both her shoulders, this look of Urfi Javed is being liked by the people, everyone has become crazy about her. And this video is going viral very fast on social media and everyone is seen praising Urfi.

Fans show their love on the new look of Urfi Javed

Urfi Javed, who attracts everyone towards her with her glamorous look, always maintains her body very well, due to which she looks quite fit. And today not only in India but in the whole of Asia, his name goes because Urfi Javed is known for his fashion all over Asia. Although she has to be trolled quite often because of her clothes, but Urfi does not pay attention to anyone and her fans are praising her a lot after watching her new video.

In this video, a new avatar of Urfi was seen as she always stuns everyone. In the comment of this video, a social media user wrote “Love her dressing sense 😍 “. On the same, another user wrote that “love your stylish dresses❤️” although apart from this many other users have praised her. Let us tell you that this video has more than 79 thousand likes and more than 1.6 hundred comments.

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