What happened that the fans of Jubin Nautiyal are demanding arrest

Jubin Nautiyal is one of the biggest known singer on India, he has given many superhit songs like “Loot Gaye” in his journey which makes a record. But these days the condition of Bollywood is not going well, recently people are trending #Arrest jubin nautiyal on Twitter, it is being told that Ki Zubin is working with a terrorist associated with the “ISI” organization, due to which the sentiments of the people have been hurt and are demanding the arrest of Zubin.

Fans are demanding arrest of Jubin Nautiyal

Why arrest Jubin Nautiyal
Jubin Nautiyal #ArrestJubinNautiyal Controversy

These days the condition of Bollywood industry is not going well, some new account is definitely starting every day. Recently, after Boycott Bollywood, now people have started a new trend. That’s not an actor but a singer, its name is Jubin Nautiyal, it is currently on the target of Colors and not only this #ArrestJubinNautyal is trending on Twitter.

Jubin Nautiyal arrest

People are demanding his arrest and the reason for this is that recently a music concert of Jubin Nautiyal is going to happen in USA, whose poster has been shared by Jubin Nautiyal on his social media account. In which the name of a person is “Jai Singh”, who says that in the poster, there is a man named “Jai Singh”, he is a terrorist and whom Zubin has named in his concert poster, he is linked to “ISI”. Is

Why people are demanding to arrest Jubin Nautiyal

Jubin Nautiyal India is one of the most famous singer and nowadays the post of one of his music concerts is going viral very fast. Which he posted on his social media Instagram, in this post he has put the name of a person in which it is written “Jai Singh” Actually this is the reason why Jubin Nautiyal is being trolled and demanded to arrest him. He is going.

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Why do people hate the name Jai Singh so much?

The reason for Zubin being trolled is because of his organizer, whose name “Jai Singh” has been put by Zubin in his poster, says social media users. Its real name is Rehan Siddiqui. And it is wanted in India, which the police of India is looking for for almost 30 years, apart from this, there are many serious allegations against this person like video piracy, supporting Khalistan with drugs smuggling and many other serious allegations.

Due to which this person is absconding from India and according to media reports, Jai Singh is also associated with the terrorist group ISI and in such a situation, Zubin is working with such a person, then somewhere the anger for him has increased a lot. Because of this people are now trolling Zubin

Arrest Jubin Nautiyal

Apart from this, many other users on social media are blaming Jubin Nautiyal, they say that Jubin Nautiyal performs music concerts with traitors which is not right for the interest of our country. And such people are not allowed to roam outside and they should be arrested and many other users have also surrounded Arijit Singh and they say that Arjit Singh has also done music concert with Jai Singh and many people have Bollywood is also dragging.

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