This actress can be seen romancing Kartik Aaryan in Aashiqui 3 movie

Karthik Aryan is now going to appear in Aashiqui 3 and this film is going on in a lot of discussion because before this Aashiqui Part 1 and Aashiqui Part 2 superhit movie has gone. After which people have high expectations from Aashiqui 3, the announcement of this film has been done on 5th September, after which the audience is desperate to see this film. And if there is Karthik Aryan in the lead role of this film, then surely this film will be a superhit.

Kartik Aaryan has given a superhit movie in the middle of Boycott Bollywood

Karthik Aryan is one of the most famous and best actors in Bollywood right Now. If you see the box office collection of Bollywood movies in 2022, then except “The Kashmir Files” and “Bhool Bhulaiya 2”, all Bollywood movies became a disaster at the box office. Because whether I am a big actor or an actress, his movies are constantly flopping on flop, but this year only Karthik Aryan’s movies Bhool Bhulaiya 2 has become a super hit. And in the meantime, after the announcement of Aashiqui 3, these things have come in a lot of discussion, which actress is going to be seen with Karthik in Aashiqui 3, this question is coming continuously.

This actress can be seen romancing Kartik Aaryan in Aashiqui 3 movie

Kartik Aaryan’s upcoming movie Aashiqui 3 is in the news ever since the name of the film has been announced. Since then Kartik Aaryan as well as his fans are looking very happy but the biggest question is which actress will be seen with Karthik Aryan in Aashiqui 3. This has not been officially confirmed yet, according to media reports, the makers have not yet been able to agree on the character of the actress. But according to sources, it is being told that Aashiqui 2’s character Shraddha Kapoor can be seen in this film because Shraddha won everyone’s heart with her superb acting in Aashiqui 2 movie.

For this reason, the audience wants Shraddha to be seen in the lead role in this film, apart from this another name is coming out which shocked everyone that sources told that Karthik has recommended Sehnaaz Gill to the makers. Because Sahnaaz is also an amazing actress but she has not appeared in many films but the makers are looking for a new face, who will be elected in the coming time.

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When will Aashiqui 3 movie release

Aashiqui 3 movie has proved to be a superhit movie from the beginning and this time Karthik Aryan is going to appear in the movie, so the craze of this movie has increased even more. Karthik Aryan’s fans are very curious about this, when the movie can be released, let us tell you that the shooting will start this year. But no official disclosure has been made about when the movie will be released, but according to sources, it is being told that this movie can be released by December 2023 next year.

And the thing to be seen is that Karthik Aryan’s movie “Bhool Bhulaiya 2” because it has proved to be a super hit, after that will Karthik Aryan be able to give a superhit to his new movie. Because people have very high expectations from them, they are trying hard to fulfill it.

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