These two Bollywood actors refused to do Bahubali film, started crying after the film was a blockbuster

All of you must have seen Bahubali movie at some point because this film is one of the highest grossing films of South India. And the director of this film was SS Rajamouli, who gives such life to his films, which everyone is surprised to see. And also during the film Bahubali, he started his film with South’s superstar Prabhas and proved his film to be a blockbuster, after which Prabhas became a superstar. But there were two Bollywood actors who got a chance to work in Rajamouli’s film but they refused to work in the film and even today they feel very sad about that.

These Bollywood actors had refused to do Bahubali film .

ss rajamouli in bahubali

SS Rajamouli is one of the biggest directors of South Industry, out of all the films he has released in his life, none of his films have flopped yet. Whenever they are making any of their films, they remain in a lot of discussion since that time because their films are made in a very big budget and all the films are superhit or blockbuster.

Because of which nowadays every actor wants to work with him and even Bollywood actors also want to work with him, but today we are going to tell you about two such actors.Whom SS Rajamouli had approached to work in the lead role in Part 1 of his film Bahubali, but at that time both those actors rejected his film.

John abraham refused to do bahubali movie

ss rajamouli and john abraham

John Abraham is one of the most famous actors of Bollywood, the actor is very famous for his superb acting as well as great action and his better dialogues. And everyone is crazy about his body and it is the inspiration of crores of people, due to which his popularity is very famous not only in India but also in foreign countries. And the character of Bahubali suits them very much, due to which SS Rajamouli first asked John Abraham for the lead role in his film Bahubali.

And with this the director had also sent the script of his film but John Abraham did not give him any response about it. Because of which SS Rajamouli thought of giving another actor a chance

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Hrithik Roshan also refused to do Bahubali movie

ss rajamouli and ritik roshan

When SS Rajamouli did not get any response from John Abraham, then after that he talked to Bollywood superstar actor Hrithik Roshan to play the lead role in his films. Because Hrithik Roshan is also one of the most famous celebrity of Bollywood and he is very famous for his acting as well as dance, dialogues and action.

Apart from this, Hrithik Roshan played the character of Akbar in the film “Jodha Akbar”, which was very much liked by the people, due to which Rajamouli chose Hrithik Roshan for the second time. But Hrithik Roshan demanded that first he should be told the full story of the film, but SS Rajamouli does not tell the story of his film to anyone until that actor completes that film. Due to which Hrithik Roshan also refused to do his film,

ss rajamouli and prabhash

After which the film’s director Rajamouli chose South’s superstar Prabhas. And Prabhas also gave his whole life to do this film and after almost 4 years of hard work, Prabhas gave his best performance. Because of which the result is in front of you today, Bahubali movie proved to be a blockbuster, after which Prabhas became quite famous in the whole of Bollywood apart from South. And after this film the actor got a lot of popularity and somewhere those people will be sad that I wish we had worked in the film Bahubali. So today I also become very popular because nowadays Boycott Bollywood is trending on Twitter every day.

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