Salman Khan announces his new movie will be released on this date

Salman Khan is one of the biggest actors of Bollywood industry, not only in India but also known as Bhaijaan all over the world. Salman is famous all over the world for his solid body and his comedy as well as his dialogues And recently Salman Khan has announced his new movie “Kisi Ko Dil Kisi Ki Bhaijaan” which is going to be released this year, after which Salman is in a lot of discussion.

The name of Bollywood star Salman Khan runs all over the world, Salman is much more famous than his other name, people who call him Bhai Jaan. Recently he shared the first look of his new movie “Kisi ki dil kisi ki Bhaijaan”, after which Salman has come into a lot of discussion.

It is being speculated that this film is going to be released only this year, so far more than 2 million people have seen the first look of this film.And many people are liking Salman entry and they are seen praising him a lot. People are liking this unique look of Salman because Salman look was never seen before. People are very excited about his entry as Salman is returning on a big screen after a long time.

Salman Khan will be seen again in the role of “Bhai”

In all the films of Salman Khan, he acts like a brother in most of the films and looking at his entry in the upcoming film of this year, it looks like this. Again he has come in the character of his brother, where a lot of violence, a little love, a little gum, is shown in the title announcement video of Salman.

First of all, Salman is coming sitting on a bullet, mountains are visible around him, where Bhai Jaan is seen waving his hair in the sun, wearing a bracelet in his hands and glassues on his eyes. And giving an entry in full swag, seeing that it is evident that Salman is making a comeback in his brother’s character.

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When will Salman Khan’s film “Kis Ki Dil Kisi Ki Bhai Jaan” be released?

Salman shared the first look of his upcoming film on his social media YouTube channel, which looks like this after watching That Salman is back in his old Bhaijaan character but there is no official confirmation regarding the release date of the film. But according to sources, it is being told that the film “Kisi Ki Dil Kisi Ki Jaan” will be released in this year by December 30 in 2022.

Apart from YouTube channel, Salman Khan also shared the first people of his new movie on his social media Instagram account where Salman Khan has more than 53 million followers.

So far more than 1 million likes have come on this post and have given a very good response among the fans and more than 24 thousand people have given their feedback on this post.
Where people are seen praising Salman Khan in the comment, where an Instagram user wrote “Loving this wild look”. At the same time, another user praised Salman and wrote “rocking bhaijaan”.

Let us tell all of you that Salman Khan wrote in the post that he has completed almost 34 years of working in the Bollywood industry, which is a big deal and with this, his fans are praising him for completing 34 years. congratulating all.

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