Ranbir Singh got the Best Actor Award in Filmfare 2022, after which he cried and thanked the people

Ranbir Singh one of the most famous actors of Bollywood industry and gives tremendous performance in his acting Ranbir is very famous for his variegated and designer dresses. Although due to this, he has also had to be trolled many times, but Ranbir always seems to be smiling. But recently Ranbir has received the Best Actor Award during the Filmfare Award, which is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

When Ranbir Singh got the Best Actor Award, he started crying

Ranbir Singh Win Best Actor award

Bollywood’s most famous actor Ranbir Singh is making a lot of headlines right now because he has received the Best Actor Award at the Filmfare Awards this year. The show which was telecasted on TV last night, which all the stars have also posted some videos on their social media. At the same time, Ranbir posted a video on his social media Instagram in which he is getting the Best Actor Award.

Best actor award Ranbir Singh

In this video Karan Johar is also present who takes Ranbir Singh’s name for Best Actor Award after which Ranbir goes on stage. And shares one of his emotional speeches with everyone, at that time Ranveer has tears in his eyes and he is crying at that time, after which Ranbir says that “Whatever is happening in my life is beyond imagination. Many times I can’t believe that I am here and doing this work. I can’t believe that I am an actor. It’s really a miracle”

Ranbir Singh thanks his family after receiving the Best Actor Award.

Ranbir Singh emotional

Ranbir Singh was overjoyed when he was called for the Best Actor Award at this year’s Filmfare Awards. After receiving the award, he appeared thanking his family, his audience, first of all he said some things about his mother, father and sister. After that he said about the audience that “First of all I would like to thank my audience who became a part of my journey, because of you my dream is being fulfilled”.

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Ranbir Singh win best actor award

After this Ranbir said a few words for his family, “Whatever I am today is because of my parents and because of my sister, it is my God, whatever I do, I do for God whatever I am.” I am because of God” After this Ranbir Singh also said some words for his wife Deepika Padukone, on which he told that “Mere ghar mein lakshmi hai” after which he brings Deepika from backstage.

Ranbir Singh kiss deepika

Then both of them hug each other in front of everyone and Ranbir kisses Deepka in front of everyone and this sight was really worth seeing Ranveer had tears in his eyes at that time.

On this video of Ranbir Singh, social media fans are showing love

Ranbir Singh and deepika padukone

Ranbir Singh has been presenting himself in front of people in a completely different way since long ago, always remains in the headlines due to his unusual clothes. Apart from this, Ranveer is very active on his social media Instagram, let us tell you that Ranveer has more than 40 million followers on Instagram.

Those who are showering their love on his video, this video has more than 8 lakh likes and more than 9 thousand comments, where his fans are seen praising him. Where a social Media user wrote “😍😍😍 BLESS YOUR HEART IMMEDIATELY !!!” Another user wrote on the same. ” You deserve it #borntobeastar” And apart from this, thousands of social media users are seen praising Ranveer Singh.

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