Nupur Sikhre’s nude photoshoot goes viral after getting engaged with Ira Khan

Nupur Sikhre is very famous as her fitness expert and consultant, she has also given fitness training to many Bollywood celebrities. And recently he proposed Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan, after which both of them got engaged and this news became very viral on social media. But only after this Nupur Sikhre’s nude photoshoot is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Although this is not the first time that a celebrity has got a nude photoshoot done, but as soon as their engagement with Ira Khan ends. After that, his pictures are becoming increasingly viral on social media, due to which he is once again in the headlines.

Nupur Sikhre’s nude photoshoot went viral after getting engaged to Ira Khan

nupur sikhare nude

Nupur Sikhare may not have acted in any Bollywood film but she has been the fitness coach of many Bollywood celebrities. He has even given fitness training to Aamir Khan, apart from this he has been training Sushmita Sen for about 10 years and apart from this, he also gives fitness training to Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan.

ira khan and nupur sikhare

But recently Ira Khan and Nupur Sikhre got engaged and shared that video on their social media account, after which both have been in the headlines since then. And they are being discussed on every news, but now the news that is coming out will surprise you a lot because you all will know that some time ago Ranveer Singh got some of his nude photoshoot done. Due to which they also took action above and now Nupur Sikhre’s nude photos are becoming very viral on social media.

Nupur Sikhre is seen in more hot poses than Ranveer Singh

Nupur and Ira have been dating each other for almost 2 years and now to make their relationship stronger, Nupur proposed Ira in front of everyone in a packed gathering. After which Ira could not handle herself and after accepting the proposal of Nupur’s marriage with a smile, she kissed Nupur, after which the people there congratulated her.

And ever since Ira Khan and Nupur Sikhre shared their engagement video on the internet, both of them have been in the headlines and everyone is searching for them, after which a picture of them has become very fast on social media. is going viral In this picture, Nupur is seen completely nude and has got a photo shoot done while posing running in an open field and she has shared it on her social media. After the engagement with Aamir Khan’s daughter, Nupur is becoming famous very fast, after which people have started extracting her horoscope.

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People share their views on Nupur Shikre’s nude photoshoot

nupur sikhare nude photos

Nupur Sikhre has shared these pictures on her official social media account Instagram, although it is not as famous as any Bollywood celebrity. But she has more than 29 thousand followers on Instagram where Nupur keeps sharing her fitness pictures and videos. After sharing these pictures, his fans started giving their feedback, where some people praised him and some refused to do so. On this post, a social media user wrote praising” Soo proud bro!!! 🙌 ” So another social media user wrote on the same ” Yaaar Ye galat hai…. Itna bhi accha nahi dikhna chahiye” Apart from this, many other users gave their feedback on these pictures of Nupur.

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