Now the controversy will end, Urvashi Rautela apologizes to Rishabh Pant with folded hands

Rishabh Pant’s name comes in India’s most successful batsmen, while Bollywood’s hot actress Urvashi Rautela wins everyone’s heart with her boldness and dance. And a few days ago, Urvashi said something during the interview using the short name (RP) of Rishabh Pants, after which the fans of Rishabh’s pants have understood that because today everyone knows about Urvashi and all this. After which Rishabh also replied to the actress in his Instagram story, after that the controversy started between a cricketer and actress is going on till date. Because of which the fans of the batsman trolled Urvashi a lot and now it seems that this controversy is going to end.

What was the reason for the controversy between Urvashi Rautela and Rishabh Pant

Urvashi rautela apologized to Rishabh Pant

Both Urvashi Rautela and Rishabh Pant are very famous people and you will also be surprised to know about the controversy between the two. In fact, during an interview a few months back, Urvashi told that “Mr. RP was waiting for her to meet her in a hotel.

And further Urvashi told that that day I was busy in suit all day in Delhi and I had to get ready early the next day, you all would know that girls take a lot of time to get ready, But this time Mr. RP (Rishabh Pant) had come to meet me and was waiting for me. But I was very tired because of shooting the whole day, that’s why I went to sleep.

And when I woke up I saw that 16-17 missed calls from RP (Rishabh Pant) were coming on my phone. I felt so bad that someone kept waiting for me so much Then I told him that when you come to Mumbai, I will meet you there” and Rishabh’s fans understood this and then started the controversy between a cricketer and a Bollywood actress.

Rishabh Pant replied after Urvashi Rautela’s sarcasm

Urvashi rautela and rishabh pant controversy

After watching this interview, Rishabh Pant has also given a very strong reply and shared a post in his Instagram story in which he wrote that “People give such headlines to be popular. It is sad that people are so thirsty for name and fame. God bless. Leave the hashtag me chasing sister and the hashtag lies also has a limit,” but after some time he deleted this story.

Urvashi rautela replay to rishabh pant

And despite all this, Urvashi did not stop and she continued to taunt Rishabh even after this and she wrote Urvashi – “Chhotu Bhaiya should focus on the bat-ball. I am not a munni, with a small child to be infamous, darling Happy Rakshabandhan to you. Hashtag RP Chhotu Bhaiya, Hashtag don’t take advantage of silent girl. After all this, Rishabh’s fans trolled Urvashi a lot, after which now her mind has calmed down and she has apologized to Rishabh.

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Urvashi Rautela apologizes to Rishabh Pant with folded hands

Controversy has been going on for so many days and is probably going to end because Urvashi has apologized to Rishabh with folded hands in a recent interview. Although due to this he has been trolled a lot,

people are still trolling but it remains to be seen whether Rishabh now retaliates on Urvashi or not. Why recently while talking to Instant Bollywood,

Urvashi said during the interview – “That’s all I want to say.. What should I say? I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” After all this, Urvashi finally apologized to Rishabh Pant. And that sight will be worth watching when Rishabh answers them.

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