Chris Rock Declined To Host Oscar Event 2023 After Will Smith Slapping

Chris Rock was hosting the Oscar event last year where he made fun of Will Smith’s wife, after which Will Smith slapped him hard and now the news is coming out that this year the Oscar event will be postponed. Chris Rock declined to host.

Chris Rock Declined to host Oscar event 2023

Chris Rock has also been in the news this year after the slap by Will Smith at the Oscar event ceremony last year. And Chris Rock himself has given this information in one of his comedy shows.

Chris statements show that he is very scared, in fact, during the Oscar Awards held in March this year, he made some comments about Will Smith‘s wife, after which Will Smith got very angry and during the live event he Chris was slapped on the stage, after which Will Smith apologized to Chris Rock on social media and this is the reason being told that Chris has refused to host the Oscar event this time.

Why did Chris Rock refuse to host the Oscar event? What is Reason

According to the reports of the Arizona Republic, Chris had a show at the Arizona Financial Theater on this Sunday, during which Chris told that he had received an offer to host the Oscar event 2023 but he declined. Said that “Because this same thing happened that you are being asked to go to the same place where you die”

Why did Will Smith slap Chris Rock

Let us tell you that during the Oscar event 2022, Chris was hosting this event in March where he made fun of Will Smith’s wife’s baldness. This was made fun of by Chris, at that time Will Smith was sitting next to his wife, but Will felt very bad about this, after which he became very angry and he climbed the stage during the live event and gave Chris a lot. Was slapped hard, then this thing has gone a long way, seeing all this, Will Smith has apologized twice.

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Will Smith has also apologized to Chris’s mother

After slapping Chris, Will Smith apologized to Chris after seeing things moving forward, he wrote that “I was losing my composure don’t know what I was thinking I was very confused I took out Chris’s number and went to talk to him.” Even though he is not ready to talk, Chris said “I will talk to you when I am in a position to talk” Will further said Chris I apologize to you I know my behavior was not acceptable I am here whenever you want to talk, Will also apologizes to Chris’s mother further in the video.

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