Bipasa Basu said on her pregnancy what kind of child do we want

Bipasa Basu is counted among the famous celebrities of Bollywood, although now she does not appear in Bollywood films anymore, but it is quite famous and news is coming out Bipasa has said some things on her pregnancy.

Bipasa Basu Pregnancy Photos
Bipasa Basu Pregnancy Photos

Bipasa Basu is making a lot of headlines these days, recently a few days ago she had told through social media that she is going to be the mother of Karan Singh Grover’s child.
After which she shared many of her pictures and videos of her baby bomb flaunt through social media and during an interview, Bipasha had told that she and her husband Karan Singh want a “baby girl” whom both wished for. have been.

Bipasa Basu and Karan Singh share pregnancy video

Bipsa and Karan shared pictures from their baby pregnancy on August 16, in which they wrote that “A new time, a new phase, a new light adds another unique shade to the spectacle of our lives, making us a little more complete than before. to become.

He further wrote that “We started this life individually and then we met each other and since then we were two. Too much love for only two seemed a little unfair to see us so soon who ever we two We’ll soon be three.”

After sharing this post, best wishes to Bipasha and her family for their decisions and their money is very much liked, this post has more than 142 thousand likes and more than 1200 comments.

We believe in the expression when we want a baby. We hope for a baby. I know that children are a beautiful gift and we should be accepted of any gender, and the bigger picture is that, but we don’t care about our child. “She” says we believe it’s a girl and we believe it since we decided to have a baby.

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During the interview in Times of India, Bipasha Basu revealed that Karan and I want to have a daughter. It happened or why it took so long but for me it is a right time I believe it is when we felt that we want a baby.

Let us tell you that Bipasa Basu and Karan Singh met on the sets in 2015 during the shooting of the film “Elon”, after which both grew closer and both got married in 2016 and accepted each other as husband and wife. done and till date both are together and very happy too.

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