Ayan Mukerji started crying seeing Brahmastra Part 1 getting so much love

Ayan Mukerji is one of the successful directors of Bollywood, he has made many superhit movies and recently a film directed by him was released named Brahmastra. The film has been produced by Ayan Mukerji and Karan Johar, a day before the launch of this movie, a special screening was held for it. Where Bollywood celebrities and Brahmastra fans were present during this time, a picture of that time is going viral very fast, in which Ayan Mukerji is seen sitting on a chair and looking emotional.

Ayan Mukerji started crying after seeing the support for Brahmastra.

ayan mukherji crying

Ayan Mukerji has launched his new film Brahmastra in theaters on 9th September, a day before he did a special screening for his movie. In which he was kept for his fans and celebrities, during which Ayan became very emotional after seeing the support he was getting after watching the film and this picture is becoming quite viral on social media. In these pictures we can see that Ayan Mukerji and Ranbir Kapoor are also present with him, in which both Ayan Mukerji and Ranbir Kapoor are sitting on a chair together.


It seems that he is talking to the people, during which Ayan Mukerji became very emotional after seeing the support he was getting from the people. After watching the film, the audience told their reaction, this photo has been shared by a Twitter user.

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Bramhastra Director crying

Brahmastra is one of the biggest budget movie of Bollywood’s entire life time not only this year and this film has used superb VFX and CGI. Although some people are not liking this film, but some people are supporting this film very much and the difficulties faced while making this film have been shown in this tweet. Ayan Mukerji is a brilliant director who also made “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” in his direction which was a huge box office collection.

This picture has been shared on a Twitter account named “word minter”, which reads that”I had not shared this picture yet , but I will share it now. Ayan mukerji was crying tears of happiness after First Fan show of #Brahmastra. This Guy was trolled and abused but he didnt stop his work.

Now numbers justify it. He deserves every bit if it” After seeing this picture, the fans of Brahmastra have become very emotional and they have started supporting this film a lot. Because the way unique creativity has been shown in this film, till date no Bollywood movies have been shown. And this is Bollywood’s biggest budget movie till date, so obviously the work in it will also be great.

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