Amir Khan was seen apologizing to the people for the film Lal Singh Chaddha being a flop

Aamir Khan is the most famous actor in Bollywood, he has given many superhit films, but after the flop of the recently released Lal Singh Chaddha, Aamir Khan has apologized to the audience with folded hands, he said through a video that I have somehow If I have ever hurt your heart, then I apologize to the word, body.

Laal Singh Chaddha movie proved to be the biggest flop movie of all time

Although Aamir Khan has given a lot of superhit films in Bollywood, his films even cross the thousand crore mark, but the recently released Lal Singh Chaddha film which was made at a cost of 180 crores, this film has so far failed.

According to the report, the makers of Lal Singh Chaddha, which was released on August 11, have suffered a loss of about 100 crores, but Aamir Khan has assured them that those who have suffered due to this film will not be able to recover their cost. will make up for a bit.

What is the reason behind Aamir Khan’s film Lal Singh Chaddha being a flop

Nowadays it has become a trend all over India that any film is coming and first of all it is being boycotted on Twitter, although there are many reasons for this, due to which people are now boycotting Bollywood movies. It is that whatever Bollywood movies come, they do not have any kind of content, all the films that come are copied from somewhere,

Due to which they do not want to see them and some people say that Bollywood Somewhere in me, they are shown bad according to a particular religion, there is anti India sentiment in Bollywood films, due to which people are boycotting Bollywood films today and how true these things are if you watch Bollywood movies. you will also know.

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Aamir Khan seen apologizing for Laal Singh Chaddha movie flop

Aamir Khan’s movies are seen all over the world, not only in India but also in other countries, Aamir Khan’s movies are very much liked but the recently released Lal Singh Chaddha has proved to be the biggest flop movie after which Aamir Khan. Looks very sad and he has apologized to the people and said that “If I have ever hurt anyone’s heart,

Then I apologize to you for that and you please do not boycott my film” Even before this Lal One of the characters of Singh Chaddha, whose name is Kareena Khan, had said that “if you don’t like our film, then no one is forcing you to watch it” but when the film started boycotting, Kareena Khan was also seen crying. And he told people that please do not boycott our films.

Aamir apologized by sharing the video on Twitter

Recently, Aamir Khan shared a video on his Twitter account Aamir Khan Production, in which he told through a video that “We are all human beings, and mistakes happen from us, sometimes by words, sometimes by antics, sometimes unconsciously. Sometimes in anger, sometimes jokingly, if I have hurt your heart in any way, I apologize to you mind and body.

Note – This tweet was posted by Aamir Khan Productions on their official Twitter account but has been deleted on 1st September 2022 at 1:30 mins

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