Will Smith will now return to social media after saying sorry for the slap at the Oscars

About 1 month ago, Will Smith slapped krish rock who is an actor at the Oscar Award show, after which he apologized and with this Will Smith is returning to his social media account after about a month.

Will Smith come back Social Media
Will Smith come back Social Media

Will Smith left social account for slapping Krish rock

will smith back on social media accounts

Will Smith is one of America’s well-known personalities, he has worked in many superhit movies, out of which Avengers is the most important film as you all will know that during the recent Oscar award show, Krish rockc who is an actor He had told Smith’s wife a joke about his hair, after which Smith got very angry and he climbed on stage during the live show and slapped Krish Rock, after which this controversy went a long way. In view of the case in Smith, he apologized to Krish Rock, after which Smith stopped being active on his social media.

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Will Smith will now return to his social account Instagram

Smith is now about to make a comeback on his Instagram and this news was posted a video kesari on Instagram in The Fresh Prince you Bel Air Star and Smith has more than 63.8 million followers on Instagram and a post on his return on social media humorous hints are given.

Smith, who turns 53, has shared a classic video clip that has gone viral of a baby gorilla holding a large gorilla from behind to attract the attention of the silverback gorilla who appears to be unaware of the proceedings. Has followed the baby gorilla after his second attempt to play with a human and Will Smith says in this video what option is “I’m trying to get back socially”

People are very fond of Will Smith’s post

People are very much liking the video that Will Smith shared on his social media Instagram, so far 1.8 million likes have come on this video of him and if we talk about the comment, then more than 50 thousand comments have come. He has given a lot of support to this post of his.people welcomed will smith on instagram.

After this post of Smith, people have supported a lot, as Will wrote in the caption of the video that if I want to return socially, people have also given a lot of love and his fans wrote that we are yours. Welcome and always will man we miss you and everyone goes through this situation you are human like rest of us come back will and one of his favorite user wrote animal kingdom is with you will and one of his And the user wrote we love and miss you will.

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