Urfi Javed crossed the limits of boldness came out wearing a backless dress

Urfi Javed is known for his unique fashion and new designs, he always keeps experimenting with his clothes. Known for her quirky clothes and then her life, she has come into the limelight these days, recently she was seen in front of the poster of Naach Baby Song. Where aka came wearing this backless dress, after seeing that one of her fans commented on her, after that she got even more angry.

Urfi Javed is setting fire on social media with her unusual fashion

Urfi Javed is a very famous actress in TV serials, she has worked in many TV serials. But nowadays the actress is quite famous for her modeling and trying out new dresses, Urfi does not shy away from experimenting with her dress.

She has stunned everyone with her dressing fashion, due to which the actress remains in the headlines every day. Sometimes she wears a cedar dress, sometimes she makes a dress by wrapping her photos on her body, and sometimes she makes a rose petal dress Although because of this, Urfi has to be trolled many times, but Urfi gives such answers to the trollers, which stops everyone talking.

Urfi Javed wore a backless dress after seeing which fans went crazy

Urfi Javed remains in the headlines every time the actress shares a picture on social media. So Urfi makes headlines with her boldness and hot look and recently Urfi Javed has been seen in front of the poster of Naach Baby Song. In these pictures you can see that Urfi Javed is wearing a backless dress which is in Neon Green color. The front part of Urfi is completely covered.

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And there is no back at all and a part of the cloth is kept on her head and also Urfi is wearing sandals of matching color Completes her look with makeup on her face, after seeing this look, everyone has become crazy about her because Urfi is an expert in making everyone crazy with her hotness look and bold figure.

Urfi got angry on the comment of the fans and said these things in anger

Known for her unusual fashion sense, Urfi Javed always remains in the headlines, due to her new fashion in her, she is trolled quite often. To which Urfi gives a very strong answer and in this video also a fan made some comment about her clothes, after which Urfi got stunned and in anger she said that “If you want to comment on my clothes, then go to your girlfriend’s house and do it on your mother’s sister’s clothes, after today no one will comment on my clothes”

Apart from this, Urfi Javed also told that when she came to Jhalak, she was told by one of the fellows that today she has come wearing the kind of clothes on which Urfi was seen expressing her anger.

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