Gulshan Kumar’s Daughter Khushali Kumar Is Going To Be Next Urfi Javed

Gulshan Kumar’s daughter Khushali Kumar is an actress and these days Khushli remains in a lot of discussion, some pictures of her have surfaced in which she is seen dressed like Urfi Javed, after seeing this, the fans compared her to Javed. are engaged.

Khushali Kumar Hot Look
Khushali Kumar showing Hot Look

Gulshan Kumar’s daughter Khushali Kumar wants to be Urfi Javed

Khushali Kumar hot look
Khushali Kumar Bold

Gulshan Kumar’s daughter Khushali Kumar is in a lot of discussion these days and she is an actress. Comparisons are being made with Urfi Javed, why only Urfi Javed can wear such clothes, although she is Gulshan Kumar’s daughter, but she is not like him.

Khushali Kumar new song
Khushali Kumar

Gulshan Kumar was a common man living a normal life and there is also a music company in his name from Bollywood to He has a valuable contribution in the whole world till TV and today everyone knows Gulshan Kumar.

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Khushali Kumar is giving competition to Urfi Javed

Urfi Javed always remains in the news due to her unusual fashion, however due to this Urfi Javed has to be trolled quite often but Urfi responds to the trollers very well and Urfi’s fashion sense is called “Quite Vid”. Ranveer Singh has also praised during the show ” Coffee With Karan”, but now Khushali is giving competition to Urfi, after which it is also making a lot of headlines.

Khushali Kumar hot
Khushali Kumar

On shooting and soon his song will be released. And the name of his new song is “Mera Dil Gaye Jaa”. And apart from this, a new movie of R Madhavan and Khusali is coming named “Dhokha-Round D Corner” and the director of this film is Kuki Gulati and this film will be released on 23 September.

Khushali Kumar’s bold look is going viral

Khushali Kumar photoshoot
Khushali Kumar

Gulshan Kumar’s daughter Khushali is in a lot of discussion at this time and the reason for this is her unusual design clothes, in these pictures you can clearly see that she is wearing a red color dress which is seen cut from the middle She is looking very bold and beautiful in these pictures and these pictures are being liked by the fans and now the fans are comparing these pictures with Urfi Javed, because they believe that only Urfi Javed is the only one wearing such unique designs. can wear

Apart from this, Khushali has done many more photos, in which she is wearing a torn jeans in a picture in which her bold look can be easily seen, let us tell you that Khushali is very active on her Instagram account and on these accounts. Has about 2.7 million followers.

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