Jennifer Lopez reacts to the leaked video, accuses the guest of theft

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding took place on August 20 and Jennifer gave a custom design bag as a gift to her guests, during which both the couple made a lot of headlines and news is coming out that Jennifer has given a gift to her guests. Very angry and has been punished for theft.

Jennifer Lopez leacked video
Jennifer Lopez leacked video

Why Jennifer Lopez accused her wedding guests of theft

Jennifer lopez is one of the most famous singer and actress in hollywood and her popularity is all over the world, only jennifer and ben turned their relationship of about 20 years into marriage couple went to las vegas for their wedding or on Couple’s family members and some special friends also came and this marriage lasted for about 3 days and news is coming out that Jennifer has become very angry with her guests, the real thing was that her marriage was kept private.

But despite this, some of her fans have sold her wedding video to TMZ, after which she has become very angry and has also put a post on her social media in which she has expressed her anger.

Jennifer Lopez said that our private moment has been taken advantage of

Jennifer angrily alleges that Jennifer’s video was leaked, saying, “This is taken without our consent, whoever has done this, who has tried to take advantage of our private moment, comment or comment on Jennifer from a fan account.”

Jennifer further wrote in the post that “I don’t know where you all got this from because we had a non-disclosure agreement and we told everyone that he will not share anything related to our marriage at our choice. Depends on what we want to share and what not.

Jennifer further said that whatever private things were in their wedding, he would upload them on his site OnTheJLO for his friends and it would depend on his wish when he wanted to put it, further he said that it is our choice. which is stolen and sold for money thank you for your care i love you guys.

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What was in this video that Jennifer got angry

Jennifer Lopez leacked video
Jennifer Lopez leacked video

In this viral video of Jennifer, 53-year-old Jennifer is seen singing a song by 50-year-old Ben Affleck, in which Ben Affleck is sitting on a chair in front of Jennifer, enjoying the performance of his future bride and a love on his lips. was smiling

Jennifer and Ben held their wedding in a private place spread over 87 acres, where Jennifer danced to many songs with a backup dancer and some of her special friends and her family were involved in this wedding.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer got engaged in 2002, but after that things were not going well in the couple’s relationship and it had come to the point that they were about to leave each other, but finally both got married on August 20.

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