Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck went luxury shopping on their honeymoon

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage has just concluded, after which both go to Italy for their honeymoon and after going there, the couple shopped for a lot of luxury items and both spent a lot of time with each other.

jennifer lopez and ben affleck honeymoon in Italy
jennifer lopez and ben affleck honeymoon in Italy

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck chose Italy for their honeymoon during which paparazzi “Jenny from the Block” who is a famous singer and he is 53 years old and “Argo” who is an actor and he is about 50 years old. Was stopped by Brunello Cucinelli store in Milan.

Jennifer and Ben met some of their special friends in Valentino, after which both of them waited outside for a glimpse of the couple in a huge.

Jennifer Lopez wearing a white dress showing off her abs Jennifer and Ben greet the audience and fans of the crowd.

And talking about Ben Affleck’s outfit, Ben Affleck had jeans ‘a white T-shirt’ with one button open and glasses were also attached and he also gave a smile to the people.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were upset with the photographers

According to Page Six, Ben Affleck was upset with journalists and photographers who followed the couple during Ben’s honeymoon in Paris.As you may know, Ben has also married Jennifer once in Las Vegas which was concluded last month after which both the couple enjoyed a very romantic and heavily documented French getaway.

At the time, a source told that Ben Affleck was very upset at the time and it was a whole new level that was almost the same as “Princess Diana”.

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Jennifer Lopez Wore Jewelry Worth $2 Million To Her Wedding

Jennifer garnered all the media attention in 2002 during their initial time together as a couple. After this, he had to put off the first marriage he had planned in 2003 as he was forced to consider having a “decay bride” on his ruined big day but consider keeping a “dacoity bride”.

After which he issued a statement in which he told that there is a lot of media attention around our marriage due to which we are postponing our wedding date.

After which Jen and Ben never rescheduled, but at the end of 2021, both revealed the secret of their romance, after their Sin City ceremony, both the couple again concluded their marriage on 20 August.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were seen taking a boat ride

Ben Affleck and Jennifer did not take much time in Italy, according to the pictures, both the couple had lunch at a luxurious hotel named Tramezzo, famous on Lake Como, both of them enjoyed lunch in this hotel Ben Affleck was seen staring at his wife Apart from this, Ben and Jennifer were seen riding a private boat as well as shopping for some of their essentials.

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