FBI launches investigation into Brad Pitt in the midst of divorce after Angelina Jolie reports

After the toxic report of Angelina Jolie, the FBI has now taken another step forward, after which now the FBI has started the investigation of Brad Peet and all these cases are happening during the divorce.

Angelina Jolie blames Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie Blame To Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie Blame To Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie’s divorce feud is getting worse day by day now as you all know that Angelina Jolie made an allegation on Brad Pitt in 2016 saying that Brad Pitt injured him during a plane crash Was and now after the investigation has not yet come, has shared a huge report in front of everyone You all know that Brad Pitt is an Oscar winner and according to a friend he believes that the federal agency will not reopen the investigation.

After the incident with Angelina, her children were scared

However, Angelina made this claim when Angelina disclosed a thing about four days before the documents were filed in the court for divorce from Brad Pitt, she told that while she was traveling on a private jet, Brat told her that when she was traveling on a private jet, she was intoxicated.

She pushed the excuse, after which she was injured, but Brat left her in the same condition, after which her children were very nervous and they were very upset.

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His friend gave this statement in defense of Brad

According to a Page Six source, the law of services is now over and she has witnessed all the incidents herself and told that there is nothing new after which she has considered the allegations made by Angelina and no separate charges.not installed before adding.

After which the FBI has kept its eye on this sequence of events and is investigating every case properly and the possibility of reopening their incident is also visible.

His friend says that this is a conspiracy to defame Brad and this is a very harsh attempt, further he says that Angelina’s claims about Brad have been raised legally in at least two ways. during the trial of the alleged incident of.

Sources told that this is Angelina’s ploy to defame Brad.

While in one case no allegations were made, in the other Brad was given 50/50 custody of young children. According to one source, this is a difficult attempt by Angelina to defame Brad and it is in fact the result of which Angelina Whatever the claim is, it was said during the custodial hearing, on which the judge himself clearly said not to believe him, otherwise Brad would never have been taken into custody.

Apart from this, an FBI spokesman Said that they can not talk about this matter because both Angelina and Brad are the parents of 6 children out of which Maddox 21 year old Pax 18 year Zahara 17 year Shiloh 16 and two twins VVN and Knox both 14 years old Is.

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